Safety Survey Tool

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Client: Jaynes Corporation

Tech: CakePHP, MS SQL Server, JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery), html, MS Data Transformation Service, Pentaho BI Platform

Summary: This web application allows safety inspectors to survey a job site for safety violations and safety compliance. Using the Inspect Module and simple mouse clicks, the inspectors navigate through a series of screens (pages) to select a job, create or return to a safety survey, do an inspection, review the incidents cited, attach notes and photographs to safety incidents. Once the survey is complete, generate a PDF safety report using the Report Module. The report can be optionally emailed to individuals on a pre-populated distribution list. The list can be optionally adjusted by the inspector.

Financial Advice Center (FAC)

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Client: Bradley W. Geer

Tech: JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery), html, css, PHP, Pentaho BI Platform

Summary: The Financial Advice Center (FAC) is a proof-of-concept prototype financial planning web application for the Chinese financial institution market. The FAC allows the viewer to create and print their own financial plan using the application's expert financial engines. The Financial Advice Center will help the viewer achieve some of life's most important financial goals. The viewer clicks on the tabs to create their own financial plan. When the viewer returns to the FAC dashboard the gauges and pie charts will be updated with their information.

The application interface uses JavaScript (jQuery) for simple calculations, line plots and user interactivity. Some financial calculation were performed on the client but the amortization data was generated on the server using PHP. AJAX is used on the client for sending user input and retrieving the amortization data from the server.

The application consists of several modules: Financial Goals, Home Savings/Investment, Education, Retirbent, Other Savings, Investment and PDF Report. The Home Savings/Investment, Education, Retirement, Other Savings, Investment modules are enhanced financial calculators that the user can do "what if" scenarios. Once data is entered in one or more of the modules, the report module generates a pdf report summarizing the inputted information and provide investment advice in the form of recommended investments. The application state and financial data is stored in the browser's local storage allowing the viewer to stop and close the browser and return to the session at a later time.

Work-In-Progress System (WIPS)

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Client: Jaynes Corporation

Tech: JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery), html, css, PHP

Summary: A spreadsheet-like tool to help Project Manages to estimate and control costs. This is a one page web application using JavaScript to control the state of the application and performs most of the calculations. AJAX and PHP is used to select data from several databases to fill in the data for the five views: labor, materials, subcontractor and other. There are links to previous built tools to assist the Project Manager estimate and control cost of a construction job.

Contract Tracking

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Client: Jaynes Corporation

Tech: JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery), html, css, PHP

Summary: A tool for accounting and other interested parties to track the issuing and signing of contracts. The tool useses the API offered by Adobe EchoSign to access data on the status of a contract. The data is retrieved from EchoSign via AJAX and stored locally for later use.

Invoice Viewer

invoice_viewer Carousels Here

Client: Jaynes Corporation

Tech: JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery), html, css, PHP

Summary: Using various search parametes, this tool allows project managers to query for and view invoices in a document storage system.

John Hancock 401(k) Contributions Upload Application

JHC Upload Application Carousels Here

Client: AUI, Inc

Tech: JavaScript (AJAX, jQuery), html, css, PHP

Summary: A tool for accounting to query the accounting database to retrieve and format 401k contribution data into an Excel file for upload to John Hancock Retirement Services.

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